Order Cancellation

1. Hafele Partner Shop allows cancellation of an online item or several items from an online orders provided the ff. conditions are met:

a. The item(s) you want to cancel is not yet shipped (for delivery transaction);
b. The item(s) you want to cancel has no confirmation of pick-up date (for pick-up transactions);

2. Any vouchers, discounts, or promotions applied in the order cannot be reused.
3. Price is subject to change depending on Hafele Partner Shop promotion programs. We do not commit to offering the same price if you re-order.
4. Orders that are prepaid via credit/debit cards, M pesa will be reversed automatically to your account.
5. The remaining order’s value after you cancelled one or several items has to fulfill the same conditions for discount, promotions, or minimum basket fee exemption applied to the order. If not, your order may not be qualified for certain promotions.

6. Orders not paid within 24hrs will be automatically cancelled.